Bass-baritone opera singer with a writing problem

Rudolph was born quite a while ago, before he could sing or write. As a child, he was quite ordinary — two eyes, two ears, one head, five fingers per hand, and five toes per foot. He also had only one voice, just like everyone else. But when puberty struck, and rendered him awkward and pimply, that voice grew into something quite unique and extraordinary. He joined the high school choir at age 16, and has never stopped singing. Except for when he’s asleep, or when he’s not singing, of course.

At some point, his high school English teacher noticed his talent for creative writing. He proved his worth by winning the school;s English Creative Writing Trophy in his final school year. Years later he honed his craft by writing blog posts on his website, participating in a weekly writer’s group, and writing classical music reviews.

Today, after obtaining a qualification in opera performance, Rudolph avoids poverty and homelessness by giving singing lessons, and writing web copy and articles. He indulges in his passion for singing by presenting a few recitals per year, where he performs themed concerts of art songs and opera arias.